Mukti Mission

Emma Danzey has the privilege to serve as a national spokesperson for Mukti Mission based out of India. 

In 1889 Pandita Ramabai founded Mukti Mission to not only educate women and children but also to provide a place of safety and hope. Their purpose is restoring poor, exploited, disenfranchised women and children of India by shaping and transforming shattered lives one at a time.

Mukti rescues, empowers, educates and trains poor destitute women and children in India to be salt and light for Christ in Indian society and around the world. 

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Flower Families

Over 200 girls living in flower family homes with parental figures for orphaned, abused, and forgotten children of India.

he girls learn life skills such as chores, responsibility, and cooking while being parented by a Mukti staffer. 




 Mukti has over 160 acres of land on the main campus. Many of which are used for farmlands.

They use their resources wisely such as fresh milk for the nursery from the diary cows, cooking crops for the girls cafeteria, and providing water for drinking from the seven wells. 



Over 1500 students attend one of the schools supported by Mukti Mission. They have primary school, secondary school, junior college, the computer academy and a special needs school.

Mukti's education system is one of the finest in the entire community and many families are positively influenced by this organization. 



Mukti is committed to serving and taking care for the elderly across India. They provide housing, food, and jobs for these women who are aging. The women have such great happiness at the mission.




Mukti has church for the local community and for the staff/girls. It is a beautiful place full of colors and joy. They always come in their Sunday best!


Orchard Projects

Mukti provides education and transformation across the entire country of India. They have special locations referred to as the Orchard Projects for partners that are in various cities.