The Myth of Bamboo

Why spend money on what is not bread, and your labor on what does not satisfy? Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good, and you will delight in the richest of fare. Isaiah 55:2 NIV

Last night, I decided to youtube some nature videos and stumbled upon National Geographic Animal 101 videos. The truth is that there is so much we can learn about our Creator from nature and I have a new desire to learn more about His greatness and creativity.

One of my favorite animal clips was theGiant panda bear. The show explained how these beautiful and cuddly creatures eat bamboo for 99% of their diets. I never thought anything of it until the narrator continued to reveal that bamboo is not nutritious for them. Most of the day pandas are eating or sleeping. There main food source provides little energy or substance, but they must like it since they continue to gorge themselves on it.

From March-May I journeyed on a Keto Diet reset. This summer I have returned to some former foods, but my mindset has drastically changed. After I ate super healthy, my body and mind were retrained to love what was good for me and for the most part dislike what was bad for me (in large amounts). I now view food as a source of fuel for my body and mind. I desire to get my vegetables every day and to eat mostly clean because this makes me feel better and have more energy.

The sad part for panda bears is that somewhere in their minds, they believe bamboo is delicious and keep going back to it for their source of life. How often do we do that? We go to spiritual foods that satisfy our fleshly sweet tooth and end up feeling empty and bloated on self-help or worldly messages. It feels good to hear messages or read books that tickle our ears in the moment, but in the longterm, we are not given true sources of strength and life. 

The Bible is our number one source for life. Whenever we feed on the things of this world or the messages of "hope" provided, we have to retrain our spiritual appetites for the best and most nutritious words of all, the Word of God. He is our Life and our Sustainer. 

Panda bears might appear to be mighty animals, but they give birth to some of the smallest babies because of their lack of nutrition. When we neglect to seek the Lord daily, we have very little, if anything to give. But, when we are filled up with the messages of Scripture, we have a power and a hope to produce fruit that lasts!

Wherever you are in your life with reading God's Word, I encourage you to keep digging in to the truth of His Divine Scriptures. We all go through seasons, but He is faithful to give us a desire to feed on His Bible and not grow weary of carrying His message of hope each day.

Much Love,

Emma Danzey