Green Tea Please

Aside from the fact that I have a strong English heritage, the countless British shows I watch (Downton Abbey, The Crown, and my current favorite - Victoria!), I love tea. Not just any tea, but English Tea. However, a couple of years ago I learned of the benefits of green tea and it now has number earned the place of number 1. I have tried green teas at coffee shops before, but honestly I am not a huge fan of the super earthy flavored brands. My all time favorite green tea is Bigelow. In fact, they are my favorite brand for English as well. Most studies have shown that drinking regular tea in large amounts can lead to problems, however this is not the case with green tea. Susi May explains…

However, drinking up to five cups a day has been shown to decrease risk for stomach cancer. In fact, if you're trying to lose weight and to boost your metabolism, the best results have been seen with drinking seven cups a day (this study, though, has not been tested directly on humans). Additionally, many other medical studies have shown that the more green tea consumed daily the greater the benefits, with 10 cups being the upper limit.

Below is my go-to drink year round! (Note: The almond milk does not have to be frothed, but can be poured in as a creamer if needed)

Green Tea

Bigelow Brand Preferred


1 tsp or tbs


Unsweetened Coconut Almond Milk

Blue Diamond is so good!


Step 1

Brew Tea. I love the Keurig!


Step 2

Froth Milk. I also use the Keurig



I try to drink (And love to drink) 3-5 cups a day! Decaf at night of course ;)

Do you have a favorite tea? Is there a green tea brand I should know about? Comment below!

Much Love,

Emma Danzey