Every day as the sunlight breaks through the darkness, a flag is raised near the sea.

Green: Low hazard | Calm conditions

Yellow: Medium hazard | Moderate surf and/or currents

Red: High hazard | High surf and/or strong currents


This flag is a warning sign to the public before they swim in the water. This might be simple concept, but people are complex and make their own decisions. The flag serves as a sign to the beach so people are not investigating the conditions of the water on their own. I’ve found that before making any decision and diving into new waters, the Lord raises a flag for each of us. We are entrusted with the information in order to choose how we will respond. In other words:

Green: Yes!

If He raises the green flag are we obedient to jump in the water or are we stubborn remaining on dry land?

Yellow: Wait…

If He raises the yellow flag are we content on the sand and cautious as we swim?

Red: No!

If He raises the red flag are we confident in HIs sovereignty enough to wait for calmer waters, even if the waves look enticing?

When the Lord raises flags in our lives, will we take them seriously and comply with His direction?

I will instruct you and show you the way to go; with my eye on you, I will give counsel. Psalm 32:8 CSB

Our God has a higher point of view of our lives than we do. We could ignore the flags in our lives all together, look to Him but choose disobedience, or we can seek Christ and His Word to show us the ways we should go each day and walk in them. May we have the boldness to trust Him and look to Him as He guides us.

Much Love,

Emma Danzey