Fingerprint Canvas

Last night I had the unexpected opportunity to lead our community group (Cultivate) on Daniel 11. Let me tell you, that is a whopper of a chapter including a ton of historically accurate prophecies and unfulfilled prophecies to come at the end of times. I am not a history buff, so it was challenging, but with God all things are possible and He guided me through the 45 verses of heavy!

I asked, “Why does Daniel 11 matter?” “Why does the history matter?” The fulfillment of Biblical prophecies are the evidences that we as believers have on behalf of the reliability and sustainability of Christianity. It is very important and even if it is boring to some, there is still a valuable place for history in our study time.

This got me thinking about our group making history together. We spent a whole semester growing in faith and friendship. These are the days we will want to look back on and remember the faithfulness of the Lord in this season. So I created a craft to do together as a reminder of our connection to Christ and one another and the history of this season. And let me tell you, it was SOmuch fun!

Fingerprint Canvas

5x7 Canvas (Pack of 10, $20) Right now buy 1 get one free!

Washable Paint (I used - Fresco Tempera Paint: tropical, 6pc) $6, I got with a 55% off coupon at $3

TOTAL COST: $23 for 20 canvas and 6 paint colors!


Set Up

Lay out the canvases. Pour out the washable paint at various stations, making sure every color is within reach of every canvas.


Step 1

Each participant chooses one color and rotates from canvas to canvas in a circle placing your fingerprint in the shape of a flower, etc.


Step 2

Once everyone has finished fingerprinting, you can personalize your canvas!


Step 3

Have everyone sign your canvas on the sides or back (Yearbook style) and you can write anything else you would like to add.


Step 4

Take a group picture and please share it with me to see!

But now, O LORD, You are our Father, We are the clay, and You our potter; And all of us are the work of Your hand. - Isaiah 64:8